UI/UX Design

Benri App

The Benri App is a mobile application designed to bring farm-to-table food to the busy life of working professionals. Each lunch box consists of 4 slots and users are allowed to choose from more than 20 ingredients. They can also schedule delivery ahead up to 1 week. 

The aesthetic of the visual design is clean, simple and modern. The green color choice is made based on the green commitment of the company. 

Users have the ability to chat with live support agent should they encounter any problems with their orders. 

A product demo video with animation interface was made to showcase the features of this app. 

The design uses 3 big heart shapes in the background artfully as dividers. A vibrant blue, magenta and purple gradient is used to define the playful tone of the page. These colors are also indicative of the nature of the subject.

The website is designed as a landing page to encourage discussions of the modern dating experience.

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