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Do’s and Don’ts When Working with Lawyers for Your Green Card or Visa

If you are looking to obtain a work visa, green card or citizenship, you will most likely be working with a lawyer. If you are working with a lawyer for the first time, there may be a lot of aspects of the process that are overwhelming or confusing to you. There is no doubt that you need to pick the best lawyer for your immigration needs, but you also need to know how to work with them in order to get the best results.

How to Convince Companies to Sponsor Work Visa

It is universal knowledge that finding a job is not easy in the competitive world we live in today. That difficulty automatically increase 10x times when you ask a company to sponsor you a work visa. Many international candidates, especially those in the creative field, face the dilemma that their job offers may be revoked as soon as they disclose their visa requirements

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