How I Went to College for Free As a High School Dropout

The day I stormed out of home after an intense argument with my mother, she called my school. I was fifteen years old and for the first time, I did not return after dark. The disagreement between my mother and I was too much for my burning teenage hormone to handle, so I decided to hide out at my grandmother’s house.

How to Study Abroad Again While You are Already Studying Abroad

If you are an international student studying abroad in another country, chances are you spent your first year adjusting to the culture and lifestyle in your new country. When your life finally gets back on track, some of you may be itching to go somewhere else again. After all, your new friends who are studying in their own country all seem to be taking a semester to study abroad.

Scholarship Comes in Handy for La Salle Communication Senior Chenjie Guan, Who is Doing Two Unpaid Internships in New York City

Living in New York City can be costly, especially for a student there who is working two unpaid internships. That’s why Chenjie Guan, a La Salle University Communication senior, was pleased to learn she received the Association of Communicators in Education’s Communications Internship Award for Students of Color. The award includes a $1,500 stipend, which will help her with expenses in one of the world’s costliest citie

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