Speaker Announcement: National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)

Meet Stella Guan Award-winning visual designer and founder of Path Unbound.

Stella Guan is an award-winning visual designer with experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industries, and she’s passionate about challenging the “starving artist” stereotype.

In 2019, Stella founded Path Unbound, a company that provides international artists with career advancement and immigration resources. Her company’s mission is to help immigrant artists advance their careers and break away from the “starving artist” stereotype by providing them with much-needed business training.

Stella has won many awards including the A’ Design Award, the American Web Design award, and the CSS Design Award. She has also served as a judge for numerous international design awards.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Stella speak about why and how Asian Americans can and should pursue artistic careers that are successful, fulfilling, and life-changing.

Because we aren’t meant to be put in our place. We’re meant to carve out our own.

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NAAAP National Convention Speaker

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