Branding & Web Design

Path Unbound


Path Unbound is the anti-bootcamp design school that teaches you the things that matters the most in building a profitable creative career.

The brand calls for a vibrant color palette and creative, out-of-the box graphical elements.

As CEO and Creative Director of the brand, I worked with my designers to create custom illustrations to be the face of the brand. All course graphics are custom illustrations and we use UI animations to elevate the visual standard of the brand.

Web Design

The website is designed with a vibrant illustrative style that frees it from replying on photography. The blog page is the only page that makes use of photography when appropriate. Web photography follows the brand guideline. In addition to sourcing photos that are lifestyle-themed, the overall photo color palette should also match the brand color in order to maintain a consistent look throughout the website. 

Mobile Experience

The website is designed to be responsive across different devices. The user experience is optimized for mobile devices, where increased traffic originates from. 

The website is further optimized for SEO, which is critical for the business’ success. It is also designed with accessibility in mind. 

Course Graphic Illustration

Creative Direction: Stella Guan.  Illustrator: Ellen Weber

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